Who is the doughnut guy?

Photo by  Miguel Alvarez

You remember growing up as a kid, there was always that one friend that ate all your food and drank all the soda every time they came over?  The one your parents dreaded when you asked if they could spend the night because the last time they ended up having to go back to the grocery store to redo all the grocery shopping they just did?  Well luckily for my friend Kirk's parents, I grew up and can fund my own appetite now, but I will forever be the guy that eats the leftovers you were saving for later.

Anyways, my name’s Steven who some of you may know on Instagram as @poweredbydoughnuts.  Engineer by trade, fat kid by nature. I'm just a chill dude that wants to see the world and eat all the doughnuts along the way.  However it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up as the shy fat kid that was terrified of the "real world".  I don't mean fat figuratively either.  At 14 years old, I entered high school weighing a whopping 260 pounds!  As you can imagine, life wasn’t easy living in that position.  The bullying, the embarrassment, and the physical stress on my body was something I thought I’d be stuck with my whole life.  Eventually, with support from my family and a little bit of effort (actually a shit ton), I managed to lose 100 pounds by the end of my freshman year and the rest was history!  From then on, I dedicated myself to staying fit and taking better care of my body.

So I know what you’re thinking now.  “What the hell does this have to do with doughnuts?”.  Well like the saying goes, you can take the fat outta the kid but you can’t take the kid outta the fat…or something like that.   Eventually the years following high school led me on one hell of a roller coaster ride while I tried figuring out this whole growing up thing. 


I don’t think I ever really figured out what I wanna do when I grow up but I've considered a few options.  Ironically, my first venture into adulthood was culinary school.  I can reluctantly say that I'm a culinary school dropout.  Just one semester shy of graduation I decided it just wasn't what I wanted for my future.  However, all the experience I gained through culinary school has really helped me as a food "critic".  I like to think of myself as the Gordan Ramsey of doughnuts.  After about a year off I decided it was time to get back into school.  Growing up I was always one of those kids that took everything apart to see how it worked so I changed courses and ventured into the engineering world where I earned degrees in both Automotive Technology followed by a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.  During this time frame was where Powered by Doughnuts was born.

After losing the weight, I really began to fall in love with bodybuilding.  So much so I decided to prep and compete in the NPC Men’s Physique Division.  Spoiler alert, I chickened out!  Shaving my whole body, the spray tan, and then flexing on stage for a bunch of strangers ended up being more than I cared to deal with.  As you can imagine, my diet was very bland at this time so I decided one day that I’d go check out this doughnut shop in Chicago called Glazed and Infused (RIP) and eat a whole box of doughnuts!  Eventually, this became a monthly ritual and then when I moved to the city for school a weekly ritual, and then when my girlfriend broke up with me a daily ritual LOL!  Doughnuts really just became the norm for me and with Instagram becoming really popular I started taking pictures of my doughnut adventures and BOOM, Powered by Doughnuts was born!

I hope you enjoy following along on the rest of my doughnut adventure!

Stay hungry peeps, but most importantly, stay happy.